Class I

Identify questions ?
  1. Do you hear that noise?
  2. Get out of there !
  3. I miss you so much.
  4. Most monkeys have tails.
Identify questions?
  1. He is always late for class.
  2. Nice to meet you.
  3. Do you want a biscuit?
  4. It has two big eyes.
Identify questions?
  1. I can run fast.
  2. Do you speak English?
  3. I want to be a Teacher.
  4. It is raining outside.
Identify questions?
  1. Do you need any help?
  2. I am a student of class 1st A.
  3. It is my family photo.
  4. Riya like mango most.
Identify questions?
  1. This is my friend ,Bob.
  2. Shina is our new classmate.
  3. How old are you?
  4. I am looking for class 2nd.
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