Class I

Identify questions?
  1. How is the weather?
  2. I have two eyes.
  3. I am wearing a T-Shirt.
  4. I love my mom.
Identify questions?
  1. This is my Father.
  2. What is your name?
  3. I come to school by car.
  4. My father is a Doctor.
Identify questions?
  1. Do you need any help?
  2. I am a student of class 1st A.
  3. It is my family photo.
  4. Riya like mango most.
Identify questions?
  1. I like dogs.
  2. I have a Pet.
  3. Do you like pet animals?
  4. This is a huge car.
Identify questions?
  1. I can run fast.
  2. Do you speak English?
  3. I want to be a Teacher.
  4. It is raining outside.
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