Class II

Voyager 1 is the first spacecraft to leave our solar system. How many years did it take to reach the edge?
  1. 20 years
  2. 25 years
  3. 30 years
  4. 35 years
The Genesis spacecraft was the first robotic mission to bring back a sample from space. What did it bring back?
  1. Moon rocks
  2. Water
  3. Solar particles
  4. Asteroid dust
In 2005, the Huygens mission landed on a moon orbiting which planet?
  1. Saturn
  2. Jupiter
  3. Mars
  4. Neptune
What was the first object launched into space that was made by humans?
  1. Sputnik
  2. Explorer
  3. A4 rocket
  4. Sputnik 1 b) Explorer 1 c) A4 rocket d) Jupiter 1
The NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft is famous for...?
  1. Crash landing on an asteroid
  2. Crashing into Jupiter
  3. Being the first to fly through the asteroid belt
  4. Getting wiped out by a comet
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