Class III

A tank for water -plants and fish
  1. Aquarium
  2. Ocean
  3. Pond
  4. Jug
Why did she go into tha forest daily
  1. To collect fruits to eat.
  2. To collect fruits and piants for medicine
  3. To see the speaking animals.
  4. To gather flowers.
A place where animal and birds are kept
  1. Forest
  2. Zoo
  3. Garden
  4. Tree
Where did karuna live
  1. Amidst towering hills.
  2. Ln a little forest at tha edge of tha valley.
  3. Ln a tiny hut at tha edge of tha valley
  4. With tha animals
One who is unable to read or write
  1. Ilitrate
  2. Foolish
  3. Literate
  4. Lazy
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