Class IV

What does subduction involve?
  1. One plate crashing into a second plate. The f
  2. Two plates dividing into smaller pieces.
  3. Two plates colliding and crumpling up into fo
  4. Two plates rubbing past each other in differe
What event can happen when an underwater earthquake shakes the ocean floor?
  1. the tide
  2. tsunami
  3. a waterspout
What is the best scale to measure an earthquake?
  1. the Richter scale
  2. a manual scale
  3. the geological time scale
  4. the Mercalli Intensity scale
What is a major fault in California?
  1. the San Andreas fault
  2. the New Madrid fault
  3. the Deseado fault
  4. the Magallanes fault
What instrument would you use to measure how big an earthquake is?
  1. calculator
  2. spectrometer
  3. seismograph or seismometer
  4. abacus
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