Class IX

The peninsular part of India experiences peak summers earlier than northern India because:
  1. There is less rainfall in the peninsula during that time.
  2. Cold waves from Central Asia sweeps through the northern plains during the time.
  3. Due to northward movement of the sun, the global heat belt shifts northward
  4. Clouds do not form in those months
Which one of the following places receives the highest rainfall in the world?
  1. Silchar
  2. Mawsynram
  3. Cherrapunji
  4. Guwahati
Monsoons retreat during the months of:
  1. July and August
  2. August and September
  3. October and November
  4. November and December
Which one of the following characterizes the cold weather season in India?
  1. Warm days and warm nights
  2. Warm days and cold nights
  3. Cool days and cold nights
  4. Cold days and warm nights
The wind blowing in the northern plains in summers is known as:
  1. Kaal Baisakhi
  2. Loo
  3. Trade Winds
  4. None of the above
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