Class IX

Monsoon arrives in India approximately in:
  1. Early May
  2. Early June
  3. Early July
  4. Early August
In winter the western cyclonic disturbances originate from which sea?
  1. Mediterranean Sea
  2. Indian Ocean
  3. Caspian Sea
  4. Arabian Sea
Which one of the following causes rainfall during winters in northwestern part of India?
  1. Cyclonic depression
  2. Retreating monsoon
  3. Western disturbances
  4. Southwest monsoon
Monsoons retreat during the months of:
  1. July and August
  2. August and September
  3. October and November
  4. November and December
The wind blowing in the northern plains in summers is known as:
  1. Kaal Baisakhi
  2. Loo
  3. Trade Winds
  4. None of the above
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