Class IX

Oxygenated blood
  1. leaves from left side of heart
  2. leaves from right side of heart
  3. does not leave lungs
  4. enters lungs from heart
In mammals, catalase is common in
  1. liver
  2. blood
  3. pancreas
  4. both A and B
Systematic circulation
  1. carry blood to left side of heart
  2. carry blood to right side of heart
  3. oxygenated blood from lungs to heart
  4. red oxygenated blood
Rod-shaped bacterium is referred to as
  1. cocci
  2. bacilli
  3. spirilla
  4. vibrio
During tissue respiration, an increased oxidation of glucose occurs due to
  1. production of thiamine
  2. production of insulin
  3. production of glucagon
  4. production of adrenaline
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