Class IX

In spinal cord, impulse is transmitted from receptor neuron to relay neuron via
  1. effector neuron
  2. pituarity gland
  3. synapse
  4. sebum
Catabolic activities include
  1. conversion of glucose to glycogen
  2. formation of new protoplasm
  3. cell repair
  4. formation of urea in liver
Even in presence of sunlight and water, photosynthesis can not occur due to lack of
  1. mineral nutrients
  2. essential metallic elements
  3. essential non-metallic elements
  4. carbon dioxide (CO2)
Problem of solid waste disposal can be reduced through
  1. recycling
  2. lesser pollution
  3. more timber
  4. population control
Energy balance refers to the
  1. equation of rate of oxidation
  2. equation of rate of oxidation
  3. equilibrium between energy intake and energy expenditures
  4. equilibrium of rate of reduction
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