Class IX

A point has
  1. One part
  2. Two parts
  3. More than two parts
  4. No parts
If three or more points lie on the same line, then they are called
  1. Collinear points
  2. Non-collinear points
  3. Both collinear and non-collinear
  4. Nnone of the above
If a point C lies between two points A and B such that AC = BC, then
  1. AC = 1
  2. AC = AB
  3. AC = AB/2
  4. None of these
The statements which are proved using axioms or postulates, definition, previously proved statement and deductive reasoning is called
  1. Axioms
  2. Postulates
  3. statement
  4. Theorem
If we take a portion of a line, then it is called
  1. Point
  2. Line
  3. Line segment
  4. Ray
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