Class IX

On every Saturday, I like to spend my time with my friend Ali. (Which word is a proper noun?
  1. time
  2. Ali
  3. friend
  4. my
She put red rose flowers into vase in a great order. (Which word is a concrete noun?)
  1. vase
  2. flowers
  3. order
  4. great
What a surprise, when I saw him in a consume. (Which word is a count noun?)
  1. saw
  2. surprise
  3. costume
  4. what
Sara and Susan are sisters. (Which word is a predicted noun?)
  1. are
  2. Sara
  3. sisters
  4. sisters
Where were you, Jhon? I need your help to complete my task. (Which word is a vocative noun?)
  1. help
  2. task
  3. John
  4. complete
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