Class IX

What a surprise, when I saw him in a consume. (Which word is a count noun?)
  1. saw
  2. surprise
  3. costume
  4. what
Jhon and Sara took sandwiches for breakfast. (Which word is an object noun?)
  1. Sandwiches
  2. took
  3. Sara
  4. breakfast.
She took Rayan to museum with her as he was alone at home. (Which word is an indirect object noun?)
  1. alone
  2. museum
  3. home
  4. Rayan
Children present their ideas, while drawing. (Which word is an abstract noun?)
  1. present
  2. their
  3. drawing
  4. ideas
All members of jury were not agreed on one decision. (Which word is a collective noun?)
  1. Jury
  2. agree
  3. decision
  4. members
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