Class IX

Which of the following is not associated with swidden agriculture?
  1. Karacha
  2. Jhum
  3. Bewar
  4. Penda
Colonial rulers considered forests as unproductive because
  1. the forests were not fit for habitation
  2. forest had wild grown trees only
  3. forest did not yield revenue to enhance income of the state
  4. forests were full of wild animals
The system of scientific forestry stands for:
  1. system whereby the local farmers were allowed to cultivate temporarily within a plantation
  2. system of cutting old trees and plant new ones
  3. division of forest into three categories
  4. disappearance of forests
The system of blandongdiensten implies ____________
  1. forced villagers to cut trees as per the new forest laws.
  2. exempting villagers from rents if they worked collectively to provide free labour and buffaloes for cutting and transporting timber
  3. exempting villagers to collect wood from reserved forests
  4. arresting villagers who found stealing timber from forests
Which of the following was not a tribal community?
  1. Karacha
  2. Yerukula
  3. Korava
  4. Korava
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