Class IX

The value of ‘g’
  1. Increases as we go above the earth’s surface
  2. Decreases as we go to the centre of the earth
  3. Remains constant
  4. Is more at equator and less at poles
When an object is released freely from certain height without applying any external force, than the object
  1. will move upwards with accelerated motion
  2. will move downwards with accelerated motion
  3. will move downwards with constant velocity
  4. will move upwards with constant velocity
 The mass of an object
  1. Varies at different locations
  2. Remains constant
  3. Can be measured using
  4. Is the direction of gravitational force
  The time of ascent when measured from the point of projection of a body projected upwards , the
  1.  Time of ascent > Time of descent
  2.  Time of ascent=Time of descent
  3. Time of ascent < Time of descent
  4. All of the above
The distance between two bodies becomes 6 times more than the usual distance. The the F becomes
  1. 36 times
  2. 6 times
  3. 12 times
  4. 1/36 times
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