Class IX

  Which of the following was NOT a contribution of Newton?s to science?
  1. The law of universal gravitation
  2. The first good experimental measure of G, the gravitational constant of proportionality
  3. F = ma
  4. Explanations of optical phenomena
What is the gravitational force between two objects?
  1. attractive at large distances only
  2. attractive at small distances only
  3. attractive at all distances
  4. attractive at large distances but repulsive at small distances
 The value of acceleration due to gravity at the highest point of the motion of the body when a body is projected upwards
  1. 0 m/s power 2
  2. 9.8 m/s power 2upwards
  3. 9.8 m/s power 2 downwards
  4. 6 m/s power 2
 The gravitational force between two bodies is
  1. Always repulsive
  2. Always attractive
  3. Can be attractive or repulsive
  4. Neutral
 The upward force exerted by the liquid displaced by the body when it is placed inside the liquid is called
  1. Buoyant force
  2. Centripetal force
  3. Gravitational force
  4. Force of gravitation
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