Class IX

She knew that the best way to get into hot water was to anger her boss. 
  1. To enter water heated by the sun
  2. To have hot water
  3. To be confused
  4. To get into trouble
In every profession, some words are used that are specific to the profession and would confuse a layman. We are looking for a technical writer who can eliminate the ……….. while composing manuals and yet, keep the tone of the content professional. 
  1. Slang
  2. Idiom
  3.  Jargon
  4. Cant
________________ should not throw stones. 
  1. People in glass houses
  2. People in crystal houses
  3. People in ice houses
  4. None of the above
Ravi shifted into a new house. His new LCD television cost him an arm and a leg. 
  1. Very little
  2. Was very expensive
  3. He hurt himself while carrying in the TV set
  4. Was fairly priced
She realised there was no use crying over spilt milk when she saw the interviewer promising the job to someone else. 
  1. She has spilt milk
  2. She realised it was useless to worry about something which cannot be changed
  3. She was worried over the spilt milk
  4. None of the above
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