Class IX

A stitch in time_______________ 
  1. Saves till nine
  2. Saves none
  3. Saves till eight
  4. None of the above
Caught between two stools 
  1. Met with an accident
  2. Difficulty in choosing between two alternatives
  3. Struck in a calamity
  4. None of these
Management tried very hard to convince the shareholders but facts spoke louder than words. 
  1. Too many facts presented confused the audience
  2. The management spoke very little and left the shareholders to understand the facts on their own.
  3. The managers spoke so loudly that the audience found it difficult to understand the real facts.
  4. The organization was not doing well and it was proven by the facts, though the management kept saying that the organization was doing well
Could you get me this shirt ….. a larger size? 
  1. At
  2. For
  3. In
  4. Over
In every profession, some words are used that are specific to the profession and would confuse a layman. We are looking for a technical writer who can eliminate the ……….. while composing manuals and yet, keep the tone of the content professional. 
  1. Slang
  2. Idiom
  3.  Jargon
  4. Cant
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