Class IX

She was so intimidated by the presence of the school principal that she forgot her memorized lines and started to beat around the bush. 
  1. To run around a nearby bush in fright
  2. To talk indirectly, without coming to the main point
  3. To stammer
  4. To stammer
I had warned you all along that you were not studying hard enough. You never listened. What is the use of crying over spilt milk now? 
  1. You did not study seriously earlier despite my warnings. Now the exam is over and you have not done well.
  2. Since the exam is already over, there is nothing you can do now. So stop lamenting over the fact that you did not study earlier.
  3. Don’t cry over how badly you have fared in your exam. There is always another chance.
  4. What is the point of studying now that the exam is over?
She penned her feelings in a letter and posted it to him. Now, the ball was in his court.
  1. The final decision rested on him
  2. Her letter had reached him
  3. He had nothing to say
  4. He was caught in a trap
She did not want to show white feathers in the face of a tough mathematics paper at the board exam so she did not leave the hall. 
  1. Show she was scared
  2. Show she was happy
  3. Show she was proud
  4.  None of the above
Her fame spread far and wide because she was a talented singer. 
  1. Her fame grew
  2. Her fame lessened
  3. Her fame ended
  4. Her fame began
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