Class IX

Grahams law refers to:
  1. Boiling point of water
  2. Gaseous diffusion
  3. Gas compression
  4. Volume changes of gases
 We get the smell of hot food in the kitchen outside the house because of:
  1. Boiling
  2. Evaporation
  3. Sublimation
  4. Diffusion
 A gas has
  1. Definite volume and not definite shape
  2. No definite volume no definite shape
  3. Definite shape and volume
  4. Definite shape but no definite volume
 When we blow air into the balloon it inflates because:
  1. Air particles diffuse into the balloon
  2. Air particles collide with the walls of the balloon and exert pressure on them
  3. Rubber is elastic in nature
  4. The temperature of air in the balloon increases
The components of water can be separated by
  1. Physical methods
  2. Chemical methods
  3. both
  4. they cant be separated
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