Class IX

Solution which has uniform composition throughout is called ___________.(a) homogeneous solution
  1. heterogeneous solution
  2. Colloidal solution
  3. none of these
  4. homogeneous solution
A mixture of water and silver chloride can be separated by
  1. Centrifugation
  2. Sedimentation
  3. Filtration
  4. Sublimation
Nanometer is an
  1. Instrument used for measuring micro-distance
  2. Instrument used for measuring macro-distance
  3. Unit for measuring micro-distance
  4. Unit for measuring macro-distance.
Which of the following is a chemical change ?
  1. Melting of ice
  2. Rusting of iron
  3. Boiling of water into steam
  4. Dissolving salt in water
Which one of the following is TRUE for compounds?
  1. It has fixed melting and boiling point.
  2. It shows properties of its constituents.
  3. It can be separated by physical methods.
  4. It may be homogeneous or heterogeneous.
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