Class IX

Air is regarded as a mixture because
  1. its pressure may vary
  2. its temperature may change
  3. its volume changes under different conditions
  4. its composition may vary
The properties of mixture are _______ from its components.
  1. similar
  2. slightly different
  3. entirely different
  4. different
The Brownian movement in colloids is due to:
  1. Tyndall effect
  2. Charge on colloidal solution
  3. Collisions between colloidal particles and with dispersion medium
  4. All of these
The cause of Brownian movement is
  1. impact of molecules of dispersion medium on colloidal particles
  2. attractive forces between the particles of dispersed place and dispersion medium
  3. heat changes in liquid state.
  4. convection currents.
Which of the following is a true solution?
  1. Milk
  2. Chalk powder in water
  3. Salt solution
  4. Blood
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