Class IX

Among the three physical states
  1. Both solids and liquids show fluidity
  2. Both liquids and gases show fluidity
  3. Only liquids show fluidity
  4. Only gases show fluidity
During summer, water kept in an earthen pot becomes cool because of the phenomenon of
  1. Osmosis
  2. Diffusion
  3. Transpiration
  4. Evaporation
Which of the following are the characteristics of gaseous state?
  1. closely packed, incompressible, fixed shape
  2. highly compressible, no fixed size and shape
  3. highly compressible, no fixed size and shape
  4. fixed volume, compressible, definite shape
Which of the following is incorrect about plasma?
  1. Fluorescent tube and neon sign bulbs consist of plasma.
  2. The gas gets ionised when electrical energy flows through it
  3. It consists of super-energetic and super-excited particles.
  4. The plasma glows with colour which does not depend upon nature of gas.
Which of the following is most suitable for summer?`
  1. cotton
  2. nylon
  3. polyster
  4. silk
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