Class IX

If a substance accumulates in a body for a long time, it will be
  1. passed out through egestion
  2. passed out through excretion
  3. passed out through excretion
  4. passed on to next consumer in food chain
Kidneys do not help in
  1. osmoregulation
  2. maintaining body temperature
  3. maintaining composition of blood plasma
  4. regulation of blood pH
Seldom fatal disease is known as
  1. malignant
  2. benign
  3. tertian malaria
  4. anemia
Hemophilia refers to
  1. blood deficiency
  2. failure to blood clotting
  3. a disturbance in bone marrow
  4. excess of thrombokinase
Flowers of grass are usually
  1. Flowers of grass are usually
  2. form inflorescences
  3. form inflorescences
  4. bisexual
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