Class IX

Which of the following statement is false for a rhombus
  1. It has two pairs of parallel sides
  2. It has two pairs of equal angles
  3. It has only two pairs of equal sides
  4. Its diagonals bisect each other at right angle
The diagonals of a rhombus divide it into ____ equal congruent triangles.
  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. none of these
If an angle of a parallelogram is two-third of its adjacent angle, the smallest angle of the parallelogram is:
  1. 81∘
  2. 54∘
  3. 108∘
  4. 72∘
ABCD is a quadrilateral in which P, Q, R and S are mid-points of the sides AB, BC, CD and DA. AC is a diagonal then
  1. SR || AC and SR = 1/2 * AC
  2. PQ || SR
  3. PQRS is a parallelogram
  4. All of the above
which of the following statement is wrong
  1. Every rectangle is a parallelogram
  2. Every square is a rectangle
  3. Every paralleogram is a rhombus
  4. Every square is a rhombus
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