Class IX

The woman to who I sold my house was a criminal. 
  1. To whom I selled
  2. To whom I sell
  3. To whom I sold
  4. No correction required
Having given up smoking, he had no utilize of a lighter. 
  1. Use of
  2. Use for
  3. Utility
  4. No improvement required
Inspite mother’s milk is vital to a child’s health, many FMCG companies wrongly advertise artificially prepared infant formulas as being the best for the child. 
  1.  Inspite milk of the mother
  2. Mother’s milk
  3. Though mother’s milk
  4. No correction required
I have been inconsiderate in the past but I will make up to you. 
  1. Make up for you
  2. Make amends for you
  3. Make it up to you
  4. Make you up to it
My experience in Hor came as a stark contrast to accounts I’d read of earlier first travel encounters with Lake Manasarovar. 
  1. Belonging to earlier traveller’s first encounters with Lake Manasarovar.
  2. Of earlier travellers’ first encounters with Lake Manasarovar.
  3. Of first encounters by Lake Manasarovar of earlier travellers.
  4. No improvement required
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