Class IX

Inspite mother’s milk is vital to a child’s health, many FMCG companies wrongly advertise artificially prepared infant formulas as being the best for the child. 
  1.  Inspite milk of the mother
  2. Mother’s milk
  3. Though mother’s milk
  4. No correction required
The seniors _______ (apology) for their rude behavior with juniors. 
  1. Apologetic
  2. Apologising
  3. Apologized
  4. Apologetic
Having given up smoking, he had no utilize of a lighter. 
  1. Use of
  2. Use for
  3. Utility
  4. No improvement required
At an early age, she had made her mark as a criminal lawyer. 
  1. Made her mark
  2. Makes her mark
  3. Has been making her mark
  4. No correction required
If he had time, he will refer you to the next doctor coming after his shift is over. 
  1. Have
  2. Would have
  3. Has
  4. No improvement
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