Class IX

If he had time, he will refer you to the next doctor coming after his shift is over. 
  1. Have
  2. Would have
  3. Has
  4. No improvement
This buggy has been adapted to a three year old kid . 
  1. For a three year old kid
  2. Into a three year old kid
  3. Into a three year old kid
  4. No correction required
Her performance is steadily improving over the past few weeks. 
  1. Has been steadily
  2. Was steadily
  3. Had steadily improved
  4. No improvement required
A sharp fall in prices of jute have led the poor jute farmers to the brink of starvation.
  1. Has led the poor jute farmers
  2. Have lead the poor jute farmers
  3. Has lead the pure jute farmers
  4. No correction required
Sudama was true with his friend Krishna
  1. Of
  2. For
  3. To
  4. No improvement required
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