Class IX

Solid solutions of metals are called
  1. alloys
  2. amalgams
  3. saturated solutions
  4. supersaturated solution
. To prepare ammonia gas, gaseous mixture of
  1. hydrogen and chlorine is used
  2. hydrogen and nitrogen is used
  3. hydrogen and helium is used
  4. hydrogen and iodine is used
By passing hydrogen gas through vegetable oil, it is converted in to
  1. butter
  2. milk
  3. ghee
  4. none of above
In amalgams solvent is
  1. gas
  2. liquid
  3. solid
  4. none of above
Mass of solute dissolved in 100g of solution refers to
  1. percentage of solution
  2. molarity of solution
  3. molality of solution
  4. none of above
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