Class IX

The sum of two medians of a triangle is
  1. Greater than the third median
  2. Less than the third median
  3. Equal to the third median
  4. None of these
In triangle ABC, AB = AC and ∠B = 50, then ∠C is equal to
  1. 40
  2. 50
  3. 80
  4. 110
Which is true?
  1. All is true
  2. A triangle can have two obtuse angles
  3. A triangle can have two acute angles
  4. A triangle can have two right angles
If the altitudes from vertices of a triangle to the opposite sides are equal, then the triangles is
  1. Scalene
  2. Isosceles
  3. Right-angled
  4. Equilateral
A triangle in which any two sides are equal is called
  1. Equilateral triangle
  2. Isosceles triangle
  3. Scalene triangle
  4. None of these
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