Class IX

Objective pronoun in sentence "We lost our way, because we did not have guide with us in dark forest." is
  1. in
  2. we
  3. our
  4. us
Singular pronoun in sentence "She had to go back to home, because she forgot her bag." is
  1. she
  2. to
  3. her
  4. had
Reflexive pronoun in sentence "She said to herself why people cheat each other, is not understandable." is
  1. she
  2. herself
  3. why
  4. each other
Objective pronoun in sentences "He has big hairy dog with sharp teeth, barked at me." is
  1. he
  2. at
  3. has
  4. me
Interrogative pronoun in sentence "Whom would you like to invite on your birthday party?" is
  1. you
  2. your
  3. would
  4. whom
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