Class IX

Distributive pronoun in sentence "Neither you nor her was responsible for this mistake." is
  1. you
  2. this
  3. her
  4. neither
Singular object pronoun in sentence "She could not do her assignment better, although she took an A grade." is
  1. she
  2. her
  3. an
  4. do
Demonstrative pronoun in sentences "This is defects of my planning that caused my failure." is
  1. this
  2. my
  3. that
  4. is
Reflexive pronoun in sentence "She said to herself why people cheat each other, is not understandable." is
  1. she
  2. herself
  3. why
  4. each other
Relative pronoun in sentence "success is only for those who believe in hard working." is
  1. is
  2. for
  3. who
  4. in
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