Class IX

Which of the following material lowers friction when we pushed between metal plates
  1. Air
  2. Oil
  3. Water
  4. Fine marble powder
When donkey pulls a cart, the action is on the
  1. Earth
  2. Cart
  3. Donkey
  4. Earth and Cart
If a bus takes a sharp turn then passengers inside move outward due to
  1. Force
  2. Inertia
  3. Friction
  4. Normal force
The force that keeps a body to move in a circle is known as
  1. Centrifugal force
  2. Centripetal force
  3. Dynamic force
  4. Gravitational force
Two masses 4.5 kg and 3.8 kg are attached to the ends of an inextensible string passes over a frictionless pulley. Its acceleration when both masses are moving vertically will be equal to
  1. 0.5 ms⁻²
  2. 0.8 ms⁻²
  3. 1.5 ms⁻²
  4. 2 ms⁻²
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