Class IX

Cotton is an example of
  1. plumed seed
  2. plumed fruit
  3. plumed fruit
  4. radicated fruit
Amino acids are joined to form
  1. proteins
  2. lipids
  3. unsaturated fats
  4. cytoplasm
Forests can be not be conserved if
  1. timber trees are cut down worldwide
  2. timber trees are cut down selectively
  3. if rate of plantation exceeds rate of cutting trees
  4. new seedlings are planted and grown trees are cut
Minerals essential for formation of skeletal structures include
  1. calcium
  2. calcium
  3. cadmium
  4. phosphate
Small size and light weight ensures
  1. proper seed dispersal
  2. seed dispersal through wind
  3. seed dispersal through water
  4. seed dispersal through insects
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