Class VI

Which of the following gases is found in air? 
  1. Oxygen 
  2. Carbon dioxide 
  3. Nitrogen 
  4. All of these 
Hot air balloon rises up in the air because?
  1. Hot air is heavier than cold air
  2. Hot air is lighter than cold air
  3. Hot air does not play any role in rising up the balloon
  4. Hot air contains water vapours which push up the balloon.
Usha took a lump of dry soil in a glass and added water to it till it was completely immersed . She observed bubbles coming out . The bubbles contain 
  1. Water vapour 
  2. Only oxygen gas 
  3. Air 
  4. None of these . 
The blanket of gases that surrounds the earth is called _ . 
  1. Air 
  2. Atmosphere 
  3. Lithosphere 
  4. Biospehere 
Which gas is taken by plants to prepare their food 
  1. Oxygen 
  2. Nitrogen 
  3. Carbon Dioxide 
  4. Hydrogen 
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