Class VI

. A cell that transports oxygen from lungs to body and carbon dioxide from body to lungs is known as
  1. nerve
  2. root hair
  3. palisade
  4. red blood
. Focus means to create a proper relation between optical zone and the
  1. Object
  2. subject
  3. nosepiece
  4. tube
Part of plant that hold plant in place is
  1. leaves
  2. stem
  3. roots
  4. flower
System of our body that provides us with basic framework, structure, protection and movement is known as
  1. skeletal system
  2. respiratory system
  3. nervous system
  4. digestive system
. Mesophyll layer present under upper epidermis of leaf is known as
  1. palisade
  2. root hair
  3. spongy
  4. nerve
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