Class VI

The process where, water changes to vapour after heating is 
  1. Melting 
  2. Contraction 
  3. Evaporation 
  4. Condensation 
Change of water into vapour is which type of change? 
  1. Reversible 
  2. Pure 
  3. Desirable 
  4. Irreversible 
Iron rim is made slightly smaller than the wooden wheel . The rim is usually heated before fixing into the wooden wheel, because on heating the iron rim 
  1. Expands and fits onto the wooden wheel . 
  2. Contracts and fits onto the wooden wheel .  
  3. No change in the size takes place . 
  4. Expands first, then on cooling contracts and fits onto the wooden wheel . 
Which of the following is an irreversible change? 
  1. Melting of wax 
  2. Growth of tree 
  3. Folding of paper 
  4. Melting of ice 
The burning of wood 
  1. Can be reserved 
  2. Cannot be reserved 
  3. Can be expanded 
  4. Can be melted 
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