Class VI

Considering layers of Earth, temperature in center of Earth can be
  1. 6500°C
  2. 6800°C
  3. 5000°C
  4. 7300°C
According to scientist, crustal plates were joined to each other to form land mass which is known as
  1. continental plates
  2. Pangea
  3. Magma
  4. drift
Milky Way galaxy is cluster of galaxies which is also known as
  1. local group
  2. big bang group
  3. temperate group
  4. none of the above
Shape of galaxy which is longer in only one direction and is more rounded is called
  1. spiral shape galaxy
  2. irregular shape galaxy
  3. elliptical shape galaxy
  4. regular shape galaxy
Larges masses of land are present on the
  1. northern hemisphere
  2. southern hemisphere
  3. eastern hemisphere
  4. western hemisphere
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