Class VI

Plants having hard stem and branches; at the base of stem; come under which category?  
  1. Shrub 
  2. Herb 
  3. Tree 
  4. Big tree 
Woody perennials, attain height between 3m to 5m, bushy appearance, profoused branched stems from the ground. These plants are ______.
  1. Herbs
  2. Shrubs
  3. Trees
  4. none of these
______ plants cannot stand upright and spread on the ground.
  1. Shrubs
  2. Climbers
  3. Creepers
  4. Herbs
Which of the following terms constitute the female part of the flower . 
  1. Sepals, petal and stamen 
  2. Stigma, style and ovary 
  3. Ovary, stamen and stigma 
  4. Ovary, style and stamen 
Mango plant is a _________
  1. Herb
  2. Shrub
  3. Tree
  4. none of these
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