Class VI

Plants and trees that are grown in specific areas while being undisturbed by people is classified as
  1. botany
  2. physical geography
  3. human geography
  4. natural vegetation
In geography, study of land of Earth is classified as
  1. physical geography
  2. human geography
  3. environmental geography
  4. atmospheric geography
Study of our planet Earth regarding its features such as vegetation, rivers, mountains and climate is called
  1. Encyclopedia
  2. Geotechnical
  3. Geology
  4. Geography
Total number of people living in particular country or place is known as
  1. natural activity
  2. economic activity
  3. settlement
  4. population
Surrounding consisting on land in which animals, plants and people lives is classified as
  1. Caribbean environment
  2. Mediterranean environment
  3. physical environment
  4. intangible environment
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