Class VI

The known fixed quantity used for measurement is called 
  1. Division 
  2. Multiplication 
  3. Unit 
  4. Addition 
In periodic motion, the objects repeat itself after 
  1. Very small period of time 
  2. A large period of time 
  3. Same period of time 
  4. Infinite period of time 
In rectilinear motion, the objects move along 
  1. Closed line 
  2. Perpendicular line 
  3. Straight line 
  4. Vertical line 
In 1790, the French created a standard unit measurement called 
  1. The metric system 
  2. The cubic system 
  3. The electrified system 
  4. The unit system 
The unit is used for measuring large distances 
  1. Km 
  2. mm 
  3. cm 
  4. dm 
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