Class VII

In civil use, thermal imaging cameras can
  1. identify temperature of roads
  2. identify heat distribution in buildings
  3. cool down the temperature of roads
  4. identify the heat released by each car
At night, convection current of land and sea
  1. remains same
  2. stops
  3. is reversed
  4. is converted to radiation current
Low infrared waves
  1. cannot pass through glass
  2. can pass through glass
  3. cannot pass through walls
  4. can pass through walls
Air is
  1. thermal conductor
  2. thermal insulator
  3. electrical conductor
  4. an electrolyte
Electricity companies use thermal imaging camera to identify
  1. the resistivity of a wire
  2. the resistivity of a resistor
  3. overheating of wires and power lines
  4. the heat released by each electrical appliance
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