Class VII

Farming activities, sewage, mining activities and soil erosion are causes of
  1. thermal pollution
  2. visual pollution
  3. air pollution
  4. noise pollution
Large number of organisms can die if there is
  1. low level of oxygen
  2. low level of carbon dioxide
  3. low level of methane
  4. low level of ethane
Disease that are caused by air pollution includes
  1. lung cancer
  2. respiratory illness
  3. skin diseases
  4. all of above
Causes of air pollution includes
  1. chlorofluorocarbon
  2. cars and motor vehicles
  3. power plants and industries
  4. all of above
Chemicals that are used to get rid of insects that eat plants and crops are called
  1. carob-oxides
  2. pesticides
  3. herbicides
  4. homicides
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