Class VII

Angle which is formed between normal and ray entering a medium is known as
  1. critical angle
  2. angle of incidence
  3. angle of reflection
  4. angle of refraction
If angle of incidence of light entering a denser object is zero, then light would
  1. bend within the object
  2. move in curved paths within the object
  3. complete half distance in the object
  4. keep on going straight
When light enter s a less dense medium, it bends
  1. away from the normal
  2. towards the normal
  3. away from the plane
  4. towards the plane
If red, green and blue are mixed together, color of light formed is
  1. blue
  2. violet
  3. indigo
  4. white
Refractive index of silicon is
  1. 2.34
  2. 3.22
  3. 4.01
  4. 4.02
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