Class VII

To overcome resistance
  1. power has to be used
  2. force has to be used
  3. more current has to be used
  4. energy has to be used
Process of bell keeps on repeating until bell press is
  1. pushed
  2. pulled
  3. released
  4. hooked
First thing on which amount of energy used depends, is
  1. amount of ions in the wire
  2. amount of resistance
  3. amount of electron flow
  4. length of time the appliance is used
Starting point of manufacture of products that contain sodium or chlorine is
  1. Sodium Chloride
  2. Sodium metal
  3. Chlorine gas
  4. Chlorine sodiumide
Live wire is a wire that
  1. has current
  2. is neutral
  3. has zero current but high voltage
  4. has high current but zero voltage
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