Class VII

The branchy part of a tree above the stem is known as 
  1. Crown 
  2. Canopy 
  3. Canopy 
  4. Humus 
When microbes feed on dead and decaying organic matter, a dark colored substance is produced called ______.
  1. decomposers
  2. humus
  3. twigs
  4. soil
Why forests are called lungs of the planet?
  1. Plants release oxygen through photosynthesis.
  2. Plants help animals in respiration.
  3. Trees maintain oxygen and carbon dioxide balance.
  4. All of the above.
Pick the option which gives the names of a tree and an animal, respectively from the following . 
  1. Semal, hornbill 
  2. Sal, khair 
  3. Chinkara, blue bull 
  4. Neem, palash 
Branches of tall trees look like roof over the other plants in forest called 
  1. Shadow 
  2. Pines 
  3. Canopy 
  4. Conical
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