Class VII

Lens used in spectacles for correction of defects of vision is
  1. Always concave
  2. Concave or convex
  3. Lens of different shape
  4. Always convex
The image of the object placed at infinity is always formed at
  1. Centre of curvature
  2. Principal focus
  3. Pole
  4.  Between pole and focus
Which of the following object can acts and both converging and diverging mirror?
  1. Steel spoon
  2. Plane mirror
  3. Polished floor
  4. Knife
An object of length 5 cm is placed at a distance of 20 cm in front of a plane mirror. The size and position will be
  1. 5 cm high and 20 cm behind the mirror
  2. 5 cm high and 20 cm in front of mirror
  3. 5 cm high and 10 cm behind the mirror
  4. 3 cm high and 20 cm behind the mirror
The formed by a plane mirror can be obtained on screen because it is
  1. Real and inverted
  2. Virtual and inverted
  3. Virtual and erect
  4. Real and erect
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