Class VII

Widest latitude is classified as
  1. ridge
  2. latitudes
  3. longitudes
  4. north poles
Considering International Date Line, hemisphere of which areas face Sun first is
  1. Southern Hemisphere
  2. Northern Hemisphere
  3. Eastern Hemisphere
  4. Western Hemisphere
66.5°S latitude represents the
  1. Australian Circle
  2. Latin Circle
  3. Antarctic Circle
  4. Arctic Circle
Numbers that are shown at bottom of map is used to indicate
  1. distance from Tropic of Cancer
  2. number of hours
  3. degrees of longitudes
  4. degrees of latitudes
On maps, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is given
  1. at the right of map
  2. at the bottom of map
  3. at the top of map
  4. at the left of map
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