Class VII

Half of Equator as North is classified as
  1. South pole
  2. Northern Hemisphere
  3. Southern Hemisphere
  4. North pole
. Canadian engineer Sir Alexander Fleming is also known as
  1. Father of standard time
  2. Father of geography
  3. Father of maps
  4. Father of universal time
Kinds of photographs that are used by geographers includes
  1. satellite images
  2. landscape photographs
  3. aerial photographs
  4. all of above
Energy that is not seen by eyes and is recorded from surface of Earth is called
  1. zonal energy
  2. meridian energy
  3. infrared energy
  4. false energy
. Imaginary lines that are parallel to Equator are called
  1. south poles
  2. latitudes
  3. longitudes
  4. north poles
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