Class VII

Gravitational force which acts on a body is called
  1. mass
  2. weight
  3. size
  4. load
If we press our ear by wall, we would
  1. not hear anything
  2. hear everything from the other room
  3. some sounds from the other room but not clearly
  4. noises of traffic, aircrafts and machines
All musical instruments make
  1. notes
  2. rhythm
  3. beat
  4. vibration
Wave with compressions and rarefactions is known as
  1. Transverse waves
  2. Longitudinal waves
  3. Latitudinal waves
  4. Horizontal waves
When a note is played by a stringed instrument, it produces
  1. single vibration
  2. double vibrations
  3. multiple vibrations
  4. rhythm
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