Class VII

Diarrhea takes place due to
  1. Mosquitoes
  2. Infected Food
  3. Infected Syringes
  4. Cold
Polar bears have sharp claws and hairy soles of feet for
  1. awesome grip
  2. quick sprinting
  3. prevent cracks on the surface of ice
  4. climbing mountains easily
Animals which depend on primary consumers are known as
  1. Producers
  2. Primary consumers
  3. Secondary consumers
  4. Tertiary consumers
In skin, to keep itself warm it has
  1. pieces of blankets
  2. insulated wool layer
  3. insulated fat layer
  4. insulated protein layer
Most flowers open in daylight so that
  1. insects can pollinate them
  2. they can absorb Sunlight
  3. they can transpire quickly
  4. wind can pollinate them
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