Class VII

Which of the following statements is NOT true?
  1. Heterotrophs cannot prepare their own food.
  2. Dodder is an example of parasite
  3. Saprophytes are green.
  4. Pulses and Beans are legumes.
What sort of skeleton does an insect have ?
  1. No skeleton
  2. An internal skeleton
  3. A external skeleton
  4. A Hydrostatic skeleton
Green plants use which of the following to prepare food?
  1. Carnon DiOxide
  2. Sunlight
  3. Water
  4. All of these
The plant which traps and feeds on insects is:
  1. cuscuta
  2. china rose
  3. pitcher plant
  4. rose
Which of the following is true ?
  1. All arthropods are insects
  2. All Insects are Crustaceans
  3. All insects are Arthropods
  4. All Crustaceans are insects
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