Class VII

It is easy to excuse P : but it is hard Q : in a boy of fourteen R : the mischief of early childhood S : to tolerate even unavoidable faults The Proper sequence should be:
  1. RPQS
  2. QRSP
  3. QRPS
  4. RPSQ
Education is P : of the proper sense of responsibilities Q : the first need R : in a citizen S : for the development The Proper sequence should be:
  1. SQPR
  2. QSRP
  3. QSPR
  4. PQRS
As a disease P : and breaks up marriages Q : accidents and suicides R : alcoholism leads to S : affecting all ages The Proper sequence should be:
  1. SRPQ
  2. RPSQ
  3. SRQP
  4. RQPS
Little P : that he had been let down Q : stood by all these years R : did he realise S : by a colleague whom he had The Proper sequence should be:
  1. RPSQ
  2. RSQP
  3. QSRP
  4. QSPR
The majestic mahogany table P : belongs to an old prince Q : which has one leg missing R : who is no impoverished S : but not without some pride The Proper sequence should be
  1. PQSR
  2. PQSR
  3. PRSQ
  4. QPRS
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