Class VII

Which of the following is a physical change?
  1. Rusting of Iron
  2. Heating of Iron
  3. Burning of Wood
  4. Ripening of a fruit.
Which of the following MIGHT NOT tell a chemical change has teken place ? 
  1. Evolution of gas . 
  2. Light is generated . 
  3. Production of heat 
  4. Production of heat 
Turning milk into curd is a
  1. physical change
  2. physical property
  3. chemical change
  4. chemical property
When solids are heated, they
  1. expand more than liquids
  2. expands more than gases but less than liquids
  3. expand more than liquids but less than gases
  4. expand less than liquids and gases both
Two main requirements to make ammonia are
  1. low temperature but high pressure
  2. low temperature and pressure
  3. high temperature but low pressure
  4. high temperature and pressure
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