Class VII

When heat is provided to particles in solid, they gain
  1. heat energy
  2. potential energy
  3. kinetic energy
  4. thermal energy
When solids are heated, they
  1. expand more than liquids
  2. expands more than gases but less than liquids
  3. expand more than liquids but less than gases
  4. expand less than liquids and gases both
Ethene is a/an
  1. alkane
  2. alkene
  3. alcohol
  4. carboxylic acid
To separate molecules of ethene dichloride, compound is
  1. passed by electricity
  2. heated gently
  3. heated strongly
  4. passed by high pressure and temperature
Turning milk into curd is a
  1. physical change
  2. physical property
  3. chemical change
  4. chemical property
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