Class VII

In which science career might you monitor gauges and sensors to decide when to release steam from geothermal power plant valves?
  1. Geologist
  2. Precision instrument and equipment repairer
  3. Power plant operator
  4. Hydroelectric plant technician
Which of these things would an audio/video technician not do? .
  1. Install specialized video cameras to capture a volcanic eruption
  2. Run the camera on a movie set
  3. Keep the jumbotron and speaker systems at a stadium working
  4. Set up audio equipment for a national press conference
What kind of scientist might match DNA samples to reunite a long lost child with his family?
  1. Forensic science technician
  2. Geneticist
  3. Chemist
  4. Physicist
In which science career might you analyze water samples for pollution?
  1. Food scientist
  2. Forensic science technician
  3. Chemical technician
  4. Occupational health and safety specialist
Which of these things would an astronomer not do?
  1. Determine the composition of a planet, its atmosphere, and its moons
  2. Be captain of a space shuttle
  3. Investigate how galaxies are formed
  4. Use radio telescopes to spot comets and asteroids that might hit Earth
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