Class VII

Flowers which pollinate by means of insects have
  1. bright colored petals and attractive scent
  2. dull colored petals and attractive scent
  3. bright colored petals and bad small
  4. dull colored petals and bad smell
Some flowers are constructed so that when insect lands on them, the
  1. ovules stick at the wings of the insect
  2. pollens stick to the wings of the insect
  3. pollens fly by the wind formed by the movement of wings of insect
  4. ovaries burst to spread the ovules
In some plants, if a branch of plant is cut and planted in soil, it will grow roots and form a new plant, this reproduction is known as
  1. Tuber
  2. Rooting branch
  3. Cutting
  4. Grafting
Ball is surrounded by a special tissue known as
  1. Zygote
  2. Embryo
  3. Endosperm
  4. Seed
First part to come out of seed is the
  1. radicle
  2. plumule
  3. stem
  4. cotyledon
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