Class VII

River Thames is located in
  1. Cologne
  2. London
  3. Bangkok
  4. Cairo
Considering urban settlements, areas that are used for recreational amenities and golf courses are classified as
  1. suburbs
  2. rural-urban fringes
  3. CBDs
  4. inner city areas
Types of settlement includes
  1. dispersed settlement patterns
  2. linear settlement patterns
  3. nucleated settlement patterns
  4. all of above
Considering types of settlement, people of rural settlement are involved in different activities that does not include
  1. fishing and farming
  2. mining
  3. forestry
  4. business and manufacturing
Area in which wholesale and manufacturing activities are carried out is classified as
  1. suburbs
  2. rural-urban fringe
  3. Central Business District
  4. inner city
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