Class VII

Three years later Shakespeare _______(go) to London. How he_______(live) there we do not know.
  1. went, lived
  2. was,lived
  3. went,live
  4. go,living
his fortunes fell so low that William_______(have) to leave school.
  1. having
  2. has
  3. had
  4. have
In about 1587 he_______(become) a member of one of the few theatrical companies which______(exist) in those days
  1. becoming, exist
  2. became, existing
  3. became, existed
  4. none
At the age of 19 William________(to marry) Anne Hathaway the daughter of a rich farmer near Stratford.
  1. getting to marry
  2. was married
  3. got married
  4. married
He_______(send) William to the local grammar school in 1571
  1. sent
  2. sand
  3. sanding
  4. sanded
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