Class VII

A man digging the ground near a water body found that the soil was moist . As he kept digging deeper and deeper he reached a level where all the spaces between particles of soil and gaps between rocks were filled with water . The upper limit of this layer is called 
  1. water level 
  2. water table 
  3. ground water 
  4. water limit 
Which of the following parts of India gets the maximum rainfall? 
  1. West 
  2. Northeast 
  3. South 
  4. Central India
Water scarcity in plants leads to
  1. few rains
  2. wilting
  3. insufficient oxygen
  4. none of these
Which of the following is gaseous form of water?
  1. Mist
  2. Steam
  3. Ice
  4. Drizzle
World Water Day is celebrated on which date? 
  1. 22-Mar 
  2. 23-Jan 
  3. 14-Jul 
  4. 43439
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