Class VII

Considering climate change, increase in temperature leads to
  1. snowfall
  2. higher evaporation
  3. lower evaporation
  4. hailstorms
Process in which water is released in atmosphere by trees is classified as
  1. deforestation
  2. desertification
  3. evapotranspiration
  4. forestation
Specific area where sediments, minerals and water are drained into common outlet is classified as
  1. water detachment area
  2. water catchment area
  3. water reclamation
  4. meridian area
Method of desalination in which seawater is heated and then allowed for cooling is classified as
  1. reclamation
  2. membrane filtration
  3. distillation
  4. cloud seeding
China, Japan and South Korea are countries in region
  1. North America
  2. East Europe
  3. East Asia
  4. West Asia
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